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Get a Free Premium Account From ibVPN [December 2014]

From time to time, top VPN providers offer free accounts of their premium packages with access to full service and support. This December, ibVPN comes with a great giveaway: 100 free accounts for 1 month of their top of the line package, Ultimate VPN (VPN+SmartDNS). All you have to do is to get enlisted and you may be one of the lucky winners.


How to get an ibVPN free VPN account?

It’s really simple!

Step 1. Go to ibVPN Facebook page or on the ibVPN giveaway dedicated page.

Step 2. Sign up to the giveaway list (Click on “Sign me up” button).

Step 3. Wait. 100 winners will be announced on 23rd of December. If you are one of the winners you will get a notification email.

What you get?

The Ultimate VPN package is a great combination of services, including VPN, SmartDNS and proxies. By using it you may:

  • Enjoy restricted streaming sites in US and UK (Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Pandora), Canada, France, Netherlands and many more. Basically unblock any site you want, any time you want, from anywhere in the world.
  • Get your downloads encrypted (P2P filesharing / torrent).
  • Access ibDNS / SmartDNS – a complementary solution that ensures media streaming with no speed loss.

The regular price is $10.95 / month, but you can get one for free.

Thus, if you get one such account you would be able to watch your favorites streaming channels during Winter Holidays. Enjoy!

[ibVPN Giveaway]




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