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List of iOS Ad-Blocker Apps (Free and Paid)

1blocker-Ad-Blocker for iOS

With iOS 9  Apple opens the gate to a new type of apps that will surely please the end-users. The so called content blockers are not only blocking ads, they may also block tracking scripts, sharing buttons, cookies and many more. The result is that websites load faster (some apps advertise that the loading speed increases 3-5 times) and, finally, they save bandwidth. Just take a minute and think how useful is such a feature when browsing the Internet in the airport while waiting for your next flight.

It is important to notice that this feature works only in Safari. And it will  probably stick to Safari only. It is hard to believe that Google, for example, will allow content blockers in Chrome and sabotage their AdWords/AdSense services.

If you are running iOS 8.x or previous versions, the content blockers are not available. Also, even if you have iOS 9 installed  the ad-blocking apps do not work on devices with a 32-bit processor (such as iPhone 5c and iPad 2) due to hardware restrictions by Apple.

You should pay attention to the fact that some manual settings have to be performed, otherwise the ad-blocking app will not work. More precisely, once you install the app, go to Settings > Safari and scroll down to Content Blockers. Switch on the content blocker(s) of choice.

Here is a list of several ad-blocker app available in the AppStore at this time:

I have tried several apps from the list (ibBlock, 1Blocker, Crystal, LionzBlocker, BlockBear) and I must say that all do the trick.

The most advanced (from the ones that I tested) is 1Blocker. The list of blocking rules is quite impressive:

  • Ads
  • Trackers
  • Twitter Widgets
  • Facebook Widgets
  • Other Share Widgets
  • Custom Web Fonts
  • Disqus Comments
  • Adult Sites
  • (Configurable) URLs
  • (Configurable) Cookies
  • (Configurable) Page Elements

To sum up, if you have an iPad or iPhone you need to install an ad-blocker app. It will not only save bandwidth, but it will save time as websites will load faster. There are plenty of content blocker apps to choose from. My advice is to try several free (like ibBlock or Lionz Blocker) and if you need more features go for 1Blocker.

Do you know other Ad-Blockers for iOS? Let me know in the comments.

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