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Winter Holidays are another good time for purchasing a VPN account or to renew an exiting one. If you missed the Black Friday and CyberMonday deals then you are probably glad to hear that top VPN providers offer generous discounts during December 2014.

This post lists the best discounts that are available during December for the most trusted VPN providers. The list will be updated regularly, so, if you know a good offer please let us know in the comments and we will add it prompty.

XMAS VPN deals:


HideMyAss is the leading VPN provider with hundreds of servers and location. During December 2014 you may purchase the 12 months account for only $59.99 ($4.99 per month). A good deal for one of the best VPN services available on the market.


HideMyAss XMAS Special

Duration: 2nd of December – 5th of January. [continue reading…]


Black Friday is usually the best time of the year to purchase your favorite service or product. Most of the producers participate to the BF fever and offer generous discounts.

This is also true for VPN services: many providers have special promotions with discount up to 60%.

This post is going to list the available promotions as soon as they are announced. So, keep an eye on this post. Here are deals we heard about so far:


HideMyAss is the leading VPN provider with hundreds of servers and location. This year, HideMyAss Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotion offer impressive discounts (up to 65%) from the regular price. Thus, you may purchase the 12 months account for only $59.99 ($47.88 on CyberMonday). Fair amount for one of the best VPN services available on the market.


Black Friday HideMyAss Special

Duration: 28th of November – 30th of November. [continue reading…]


Update: Do you want to watch La Liga 2015-2016? Take a look to the updated post: TV Channels Broadcasting La Liga (Spanish Football League) 2015-2016. Enjoy!

The Spanish La Liga BBVA is one of the most spectacular European football competition with Messi and C. Ronaldo as shining stars. Athletico Madrid are the defending champions with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid as challengers.

If you are a regular La Liga watcher you may find the following info useful: La Liga Schedule & La Liga Table.

Below you may find the list of channels which broadcast the La Liga 2014/15 season live. Enjoy the show!

Country Language Channels
United Kingdom United Kingdom English Sky Sports
US United States English beIN Sports
Spanish beIN Sports
Central America Spanish SKY Centroamérica
Caribbean & South America Spanish DirecTV, ESPN Latin America
Middle East Arabic / English beIN Sports
Afganistan Afganistan Farsi 1TV
Albania Albania Albanian SuperSport
Armenia Armenia Armenian ATV
Australia Australia English Fox Sports Australia
Austria Austria German Laola1
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Azeri Idman
Brasil Brasil Portuguese SKY Brasil, ESPN Brasil
Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgarian Film+, TV+
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian / Serbian / Croatian TV1
Canada Canada English beIN Sports
China China Chinese CCTV-5
Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Sport 1
Denmark Denmark Danish Canal 9
Finland Finland Finnish Viasat Sport
France France French beIN Sport
Georgia Georgia Georgian GMG
Greece Greece Greek OTE Sport
Hungary Hungary Hungarian Sport TV
France Iceland Icelandic Stöð 2
India India English ESPN Star Sports
Indonesia Indonesia Indonesian RCTI, MNC Sports
Israel Israel Hebrew / English Sport 5
Italy Italy Italian Fox Sports Italia
Japan Japan Japanese WOWW
Mexico Mexico Spanish SKY México,
Myanmar Myanmar Burmese Sky Net
Nepal Nepal English ESPN Star Sports
Norway Norway Norwegian C More Sport
Phillipines Phillipines English Star Sports/Balls Channel
Poland Poland Polish Canal+ Sport
Portugal Portugal Portuguese SportTV
Romania Romania Romanian Digi Sport
Serbia Serbia Serbian Arena Sport
Slovakia Slovakia Slovak Sport 1
Slovenia Slovenia Slovene Šport TV
South Korea South Korea Korean KBS N Sports
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka English ESPN Star Sports
Spain Spain Spanish, English Digital+, GolT, Cuatro
Sweden Sweden Swedish C More Sport
Thailand Thailand Thai / English CH7, Sun Channel, TrueVisions
Turkey Turkey Turkish NTV Spor Smart HD, NTV Spor
Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian TRK Football
* Source: Wikipedia

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Update: Do you want to watch Premier League 2015-2016 season? Take a look to the updated post: TV Channels Broadcasting Premier League 2015-2016 and How to Watch Them Online. Enjoy!


This article presents several options for watching English Premier League 2014-2015 season on TV and online: from accessing TV channels using SopCast to unlocking geo-restricted streaming sites using VPN or DNS services. 

If you are reading this post you are probably a football/soccer  fan and you are eager to watch one of the most interesting European championships. The English Premier League is very competitive and spectacular, no wonder it is the most watched league in the world.

The 2014-2015 season starts with at least 5 teams with real chances of winning the Championship: Manchester City (the defending champions), Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. What is your favorite team and who do you think it will win?

Before we start, here are some useful links for all English Premier League fans:

English Premier League TV broadcasters

The main broadcaster in UK is Sky Sports (that broadcasts 116 of the 154 televised matches) and BT Sport. Also, BBC shows weekly highlights but no live coverage. You may find below the list of the main international broadcasters by country or region: [continue reading…]


Free Trial VPN
The VPN market is overcrowded and there are probably tens of good providers. How can you choose between them? How do you know which one is right for you? A safe approach is to “try before you buy”. A free trial VPN can give you a better view over a service before deciding to proceed with a payment.

What does a free trial mean?

A free trial is a way to test a service without actually paying anything. Some services consider this is a great opportunity to convince potential clients about the qualities of their service.

Free trials for VPN services are usually time limited and restricted to several servers or bandwidth usage, but there are several exceptions.

What can you expect from a free trial VPN?

The best scenario is to find VPN services that offer full trial, meaning that they allow access to all servers available in the paid versions, without any bandwidth or traffic limitations.

Most of the time you may expect that a free trial:

  • requires registration (at least a name and an email);
  • is limited to a short period of time (from several hours to days);
  • offers access to dedicated free trial servers and it does not offer exactly the same experience as the paid service;
  • is limited to certain bandwidth usage;
  • does not allow P2P traffic;
  • logs your activity (most VPN providers do it but deny it).

[continue reading…]


How to Watch US Open 2014 Live

Update: Are you interested in watching US Open 2015? Take a look to the updated post: How to Watch US Open Online in 2015. Enjoy!
How to Watch US Open 2014 Live

The US Open is the last of the four Grand Slam tennis events of the year – the other three being the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. Due to its hard court, the tournament is very spectacular and popular all over the World. This article lists the TV channels that screen the US Open 2014 matches and presents several options to watch them live online.

The tournament takes place between 25th of August and 8th of September at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams will certainly be back to defend their titles, but there will be plenty of excellent players to challenge them.

The tournament schedule is the following:

  • Monday, 25th of August – 1st Round (Men and Women)
  • Tuesday, 26th of August – 1st Round (Men and Women)
  • Wednesday, 27th of August – 1st Round (Men and Women)
  • Thursday, 28th of August– 2nd Round (Men and Women)
  • Friday, 29th of August – 2nd Round (Men and Women)
  • Saturday, 30th of August – 3rd Round (Men and Women)
  • Sunday, 31st of August – 3rd Round (Men and Women)
  • Monday, 1st of September – 4th Round (Men and Women)
  • Tuesday, 2nd of September – 4th Round & Quarter Finals (Men and Women)
  • Wednesday, 3rd of September – Quarter Finals (Men and Women)
  • Thursday, 4th of September – Quarter Finals (Men and Women)
  • Friday, 5th of September – Semi Finals
  • Saturday, 6th of September – Semi Finals
  • Sunday, 7th of September – The Ladies Final
  • Monday, 8th of September – The Men’s Final

The results and other news regarding the tournament are available online on the US Open official site. Additionally, here are some other useful links for all tennis fans:

US Open 2014 TV Broadcasters list

US Open is a popular TV event all over the World and there are plenty of channels that show the games live. You may find below the list of the official broadcasters (still to be updated): [continue reading…]


If you care about the security of your online communication then you should take a look to Bitmessage, a simple and effective solution to encrypt your messages.  This article explain what Bitmessage is, how it works and how to get started.

What is Bitmessage?

In a nutshell, Bitmessage is an communication protocol that can be used to send encrypted messages from one person to another. The protocol uses strong encryption and P2P networks to mix messages and hide user identity. The communication is decentralized and trustless, meaning that it does not need any trust entities like root certificate authorities.

How does Bitmessage work

When you start a Bitmessage application (also called “client”), it connects to the Bitmessage P2P network and downloads a list of known connection nodes. Then, the application starts receiving messages from other persons in the network, broadcasts and public encryption keys. The main idea is to make to make sure that everyone in the network has access to the same data.

When you send a new message, it is encrypted with the messages from other users and the resulted data is replicated to the known nodes. Every time the application receives new data it verifies if it contains a message bound to you and shows it in your inbox. [continue reading…]


Update: Do you want to watching Tour de France 2015? Take a look to the updated post: How to Watch Tour de France 2015 Live Online. Enjoy!


“Le Tour” or “Tour de France” is probably the most interesting cycling competition of the year and one of the World’s largest annual sporting event. It is a real joy to see the beautiful landscapes and to admire the effort of the riders while climbing the high mountains.

This article lists the broadcasters that show the Tour de France live and explains how to watch it online on your computer or mobile device.

The 2014 Tour de France is the 101st edition and starts on 5th of July with the final stage on 27th of July. For the 4th time in it’s history the tour will contain stages in England. Before the start of the race, Chris Froome, Alberto Contador and Alejandro Valverde are among the main favorites for overall victory.

In order to get the latest news and updates regarding the race, as well as info regarding the route, teams and riders I recommend bookmarking the Tour de France official site.

Broadcasters list (TV and Online)

The event is televised in over 180 countries on more than 120 television channels. Many of them are also streaming their content live online. You may find below the list of the broadcasters across the World. [continue reading…]


Where to Watch Wimbledon 2014 Live

wimbledon-21014-tv-onlineThe World Cup 2014 is not the only important sport event that takes place these days. For tennis fans, Wimbledon probably takes the first place. This post lists the TV channels that broadcast the Wimbledon Championship and explains how to watch it live online.

The 128th Wimbledon Championship takes place between 23rd of June and 6th of July at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London. Andy Murray, the 2013 winner, will try to defend his title, while the women’s single champion in 2013, Marion Bartoli, will not be present as she retired last year.

The tournament schedule is the following:

  • Monday, 23rd of June – 1st Round
  • Thursday, 26th of June – 2nd Round
  • Saturday, 28th of June – 3rd Round
  • Monday, 30th of June – Round of 16
  • Wednesday, 2nd of July – Quarter Finals
  • Friday, 4th of July – Semi Finals
  • Saturday, 5th of July – The Ladies Final
  • Sunday, 6th of July – The Men’s Final

The results and other news regarding the tournament are available online on the Wimbledon Championship site:

Additionally, here are some other useful links for tennis fans:

Wimbledon 2014 TV Broadcasters list

The BBC is the host TV broadcaster of Wimbledon 2014 event and it provides live coverage for channels from over 40 countries. You may find below the list of the TV broadcasters from all over the World. [continue reading…]


Internet Kill Switch is a must-have for those who leave BitTorrent clients running while they are away from their computers and also use VPN to protect their identities. This article explains what Internet Kill Switch is, why it is useful and how you can get it.

What is Internet Kill Switch

Generally speaking, a kill switch is a safety mechanism that stops a device in case of an emergency.  It is designed to completely shut down a device or system in the fastest way possible in order to prevent more serious damages to people or other devices. For example, on large industrial machines, the kill switch is usually a big red button located on the central control panel that provides a rapid means to disconnect the power supply of the device in order to protect the workers.

The Internet kill switch or VPN kill switch is a software mechanism that cuts off the access of the computer to the Internet when the VPN connection drops accidentally. Thus, it prevents unwanted data transfer without the protection of VPN encryption and the exposition of the real IP address used by the computer.

The Internet kill switch is especially important for torrent downloaders in order to protect their identity and not have them exposed to the torrent swarm. A VPN disconnect may let your real IP address visible and compromise your online anonymity.

What Kill Switch does for you

As said above, the Internet kill switch is a safety mechanism that completely shuts down the Internet connection or stops selected applications to connect to the Internet when a VPN drop occurs. The Internet kill switch feature is implemented as a stand-alone software application or it is provided as part of the VPN clients offered by top VPN services (take a look below to a list of VPN providers that offer kill switch).

Let us consider one of the most basic scenarios when the kill switch may be useful: a user connects to a VPN server, starts downloading torrents and then leaves the computer. At some point the connection to the VPN server drops and, if the Internet kill switch is disabled or not present, the torrent download continues using the real IP address instead of the IP address of the VPN server, thus leaking the IP address of the downloader.

If the kill switch is enabled it may:

  • completely shut down the Internet connection of the device/computer in case of VPN failure;
  • close pre-selected applications (for example the BitTorrent client);
  • restart the applications after the VPN connection is restored.

Thus, the Internet kill switch protects your online anonymity and privacy when the VPN protections are off, but it may also help restart the scheduled downloads after the VPN connection is restored.

VPN services that offer Kill Switch

Some of the best VPN services on the market have the Kill Switch function included in their VPN clients. The implementations are slightly different, but the basic function is fulfilled. I am going to present 3 kill switch implementations from PureVPN, ibVPN and Private Internet Access.

[continue reading…]