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The Best 50 Room Escape Games [Updated 2020]

I’m not a fan of online games, but, from time to time, I like playing room escape games. Some of them are simply brilliant and you get minutes (or hours) of pure entertainment.  You may find below a list of my favorites 50 best room escape games. Enjoy them and if you know others please share them in the comments!

Crimson Room

The well-known escape! The game that popularized the genre. It has to be no.1!

Room Escape - Crimson Room
[Crimson Room Walkthrough]

Swan’s Room

One of the best “escapes”! Escape from the Swan’s room. But you must find some things first.

Escape Swan Room
[Swan’s Room Walkthrough]

Viridian Room

Created by the same Japanese software house that created Crimson Room, Fasco-CS, you have new mysteries to solve before getting out of this one.

[Viridian Room Walkthrough]

Escape Series #1: The Car

Get yourself out of the locked car! Very funny and easy.

Escape Series The Car

[Escape Series #1: The Car Walkthrough]

“Out” file#01


[“Out” file #1 Walkthrough]

Tower Core

An ancient enemy is approaching Earth and it’s up to you, the caretaker of the planet, to activate the defenses!

Escape Tower Core

[Tower Core Walkthrough]

Jigsaws Escape

Serial killer Jigsaw locked you into a room to play a game with you. The room is full of tricks and traps. Also, the room is filling with deadly nerve gas. You got two hours to get out and find the antidote.

Room Escape Jigsaws
[Jigsaws Escape Walkthrough]


Crack some codes and get out of the room.


[Play RGB Walkthrough]

Escape The Hair Salon (Nigepico)

Japanese game, where the aim is to escape from the salon.

[Escape The Hair Salon Walkthrough]


Nice room escape with great graphics.

[Play Sphere Walkthrough]


A new room escape game by the creator of Sphere and RGB again with great graphics.

[Play Vision Walkthrough]


Find the items to help you escape. Good luck!


[Switch Walkthrough]


Escape the room by finding and using items and solving puzzles on your way.

[Lights Walkthrough]

Escape Pear Room

Rupert is a Christmas grinch, and his neighbors are tired of putting up with him. They’ve locked him in the pear room, and have hidden away his Santa suit. Help Rupert escape so he can ruin their celebrations.

[Escape Pear Room Walkthrough]

Escape Green Room

Gather items and use them in order to escape. You can put items back. And double click items to zoom them.

escape green room
[Escape Green Room Walkthrough]

Escape Pink Room

You are locked in a pink room and you need to search there to find objects and clues in order to escape the pink room.

[Escape Pink Room Walkthrough]

Room Fake

You are locked in a room. Find items, use them in the right place, solve puzzles and escape the room.

escape room fake
[Room Fake Walkthrough]

Room Bath

In this game, you are locked in a bathroom and you need to escape the bathroom by collecting items and solving puzzles.

escape room bath
[Room Bath Walkthrough]

Loom Above

In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles.

escape loom above
[Loom Above Walkthrough]


Search around, collect items and solve puzzles in order to escape.

escape h2o
[H2O Walkthrough]


Escape out the Recruitment room.

escape jobpico
[JOBpico Walkthrough]

Cannibal Escape

You are locked in a castle basement with a skeleton.

escape cannibal
[Cannibal Escape Walkthrough]


Leo Himura is trapped in a strange room. Help him make his escape.[KAZAHANA: No Exit Walkthrough]

Loose the Moose

Chase the mouse and get out of the room.

Escape loose the moose
[Loose the Moose Walkthrough]

Cube Core

Alienist escape. 🙂

Escape Cube Core
[Cube Core Walkthrough]

Escape the Tower

Escape the Tower is an ordinary point and click room escape game. You need to collect some things and to use them in the right places. If you got all the necessary things, you can escape.

Escape The Tower
[Escape the Tower Walkthrough]

Escape Cosmic Latte Room

Rupert has been kidnapped by aliens. Help him escape the foggy haze from the experimental drugs the aliens have given him, so he can explore the rooms and return to Earth before they come back to finish their diabolical experiments!

Escape Comic Latte

The Morning After

You wake up in a strange house, your head’s throbbing and you’re locked in. Been there? It’s the morning after that party – can you escape from the student house?

Escape Morning After


Nice 3D Escape the Room. Get out of the room and finally to the hotel.

Escape Travelogue

Railway to Heaven

Your objective is to escape the cage before the train arrives.

Escape Railways to Heaven

The Mystery of Time and Space

Solve riddles and puzzles, find and use objects, escape from locked rooms.

Il Destino

Get in the car to get out of the room.

Escape Destino

Murder Escape

Storm outside, creepy inside. Get out!

Escape Murder

Little Guest House Escape

The guest house looks great but you need to get out, don’t you? Not very easy to find the first object. Look for a knife …


Escape Khaki Room

Rupert is being held by the military for having confidential information. Help him escape and avoid being tortured!

escape kaki room

The Doors

Find your way out of the house. Click and point, drag and drop things to make stuff happening.

Escape the doors

Haunted – The Trapped Soul

After hitting some… creature… you wake up at a strange place… Nothing around you, but only that ghostly abandoned house…


Treasure Hunter Escape 2: The Mysterious Ship

The second installment of 123bee.com’s Treasure Hunter Escape. You were able to find your way onto the ship, but now you can’t find how to get off of it.

escape treasure hunter 2

The Bar

You are in a bar and you would like a drink first. Then you want out.

Escape The Bar


Search for items and solve puzzles in order to escape.

Escape Showroom

Restroom Trap

Click the link and start hunting those pixels…

Escape Restroom Trap

Strawberry Tomato

Get out of this nice room.

Escape Strawberry Tomato

Christmas Escape

You have been shut in a cold room. Try to escape!

escape christmas

Little Christmas Escape

Christmas escape game by Gamershood. Gather items and use them to escape the room. Good luck and happy holidays!

Escape little christmas

La Luna Hotel

You woke up this morning wearing nothing but a pair of zebra-striped, faux fur, boxer shorts. But that’s not even the worst part…you woke up on the floor with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your nose! And you don’t even know what happened last night so there’s only one thing to find out…

Escape Luna Hotel

The Vision Museum

Get out from the museum!

Escape Vision Museum

Guest House

Not quite a guest house, but anyway you need to get out.

Escape Guest House

Rental House

You wake up in a strange room and you have to get out.

Escape Rental House

The Scarlet Room

You woke up in a strange room and you can’t remember anything! Find items and use them in order to escape!

Escape the scarlet room
[The Scarlet Room Walkthrough]

The Bonte Room

Click your way out of this room by finding and combining items and clues in this room.

Escape the bonte room

Have you enjoyed my list of the best room escape games? Was it fun?

If you know other similar games please add them in the comments. I would love playing them myself!


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