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The Ultimate Guide to Watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil On TV and Online [Updated]


[Update] HideMyAss, ibVPN and PureVPN offer special discounts for unlocking World Cup streaming. Also, 1tv.ru was added to the list of sites that can be used to watch the games.

This article presents the best options to watch the 2014 World Cup Brazil on TV and online: from accessing TV channels using SopCast to unlocking geo-restricted streaming sites using VPN or DNS services. This is all you need to enjoy the World’s most prestigious football tournament and support your favorite team. By the way, let me know in the comments who you would like to win.

The 2014 competition is the 20th World Cup and takes place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. There are 32 participating teams that will fight for the World Cup trophy. A total of 64 matches will be played in 12 cities across Brazil. Sao Paulo will witness the Opening Match on 12 June 2014 while Rio de Janeiro will host the Final.

Before we start, here are some useful links for all football fans:

TV broadcasters list

The 2014 tournament is covered live on TV in more than 100 countries all over the World. You may check the complete list of TV broadcasters on Wikipedia.


How to watch TV online

If you prefer to watch a TV transmission on your computer or laptop or even a mobile device you may do so. Of course, you need access to a high speed Internet connection and you have the following options:

  • Open Google/Bing and search for “how to watch [channel name] live. You will get lots of search results that direct to sites that stream TV channels online. Most of the time you need to click on tons of ads to finally start the streaming. Another downside is the fact that the transmission quality is, most of the time, low. Definitely, not a reliable solution.
  • Install SopCast, a free and simple application to watch TV channels online. After the installation, start the application and login as Anouymous. Then start looking for the desired channel in the Live Channel tab. Most likely you will find a channel that covers the World Cup 2014. The downside of this approach is that you may also get a poor transmission with a lot of interruptions and you may not find the TV channel you are looking for.

The good news is that there are sites that stream the event live online and that are optimized for being accessed on the Internet. Read on!

2014 World Cup Internet broadcasters list

A recent US survey published by YuMe showed that World Cup live streaming will be popular across all devices. Thus, 33% of people plan to watch World Cup live on their computer, with 11% on smartphone and 22% on tablet. So, the streaming sites like BBC iPlayer and ITV will be quite popular this summer.

Let’s take a look to the list of sites that streams the World Cup tournament in 2014:

Country Language Website Notes
Austria Austria German ORF TVthek Free in Austria. You need an Austrian IP to access it from outside Austria.
Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgarian BNT Free in Bulgaria. You need an Bulgarian IP to access it from outside Bulgaria.
Canada Canada English Sportsnet You need an Canadian IP to access it from outside Canada.
Czech Republic Czech Republic Czech Ceska Televizie Free in Czech Republic. You need an Czech IP to access it from outside Czech Republic.
Denmark Denmark Danish DR TV, TV2 DR TV is free in Denmark. TV2 is available as pay-per-view. You need an Danish IP to access them from outside Denmark.
Finland Finland Finnish YLE YLE is free in Finland. You need an Finish IP to access them from outside Finland.
France France French TF1, beIN TF1 is free in France. You need an French IP to access them from outside France.
Germany Germany German ZDF, ARD They are free in Germany. You need an German IP to access them from outside Germany.
Hungary Hungary Hungarian MTV MTV is free in Hungary. You need an Hungarian IP to access them from outside Hungary.
Iceland Iceland Icelandic RUV RUV is free in Iceland.
Netherlands Netherlands Dutch NOS NOS is free in Netherlands. You need an Dutch IP to access them from outside Netherlands.
Norway Norway Norwegian NRK NRK is free in Norway. You need an Norwegian IP to access them from outside Norway.
Romania Romania Romanian TVR Plus TVR Plus is free in Romania. You need an Romanian IP to access them from outside Romania.
Russia Russia Russian 1TV 1TV.ru is free in Russia. You need an Russian IP to access them from outside Russia.
Sweden Sweden Swedish SVT NRK is free in Sweden. You need an Swedish IP to access them from outside Sweden.
Switzerland Switzerland German SRF Sport SRF is free in Switzerland. You need an Swiss IP to access them from outside Switzerland.
United Kingdom United Kingdom English BBC, ITV Free in UK. You need a UK IP to access them from outside UK. BBC iPlayer also available on: XBox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii. ITV Player also available on XBox 360 and PS3.

Due to the broadcasting regulations, all the above mentioned are accessible to Internet users from certain countries. For example, BBC and ITV are only available to users located in UK.

What to do when you are located in a listed country but you are still not allowed to see the live streaming?

  • Try turning your router off and on again.
  • You may phone your ISP and mention that you are having trouble viewing videos on certain sites.

How to access streaming websites from other countries using VPN or DNS services

Are you traveling during the 2014 World Cup from Brazil and still want to watch the games with the commentary in your preferred language? It is possible! All you need is a solution to bypass the restrictions.

There are two main options to get access to restricted websites: VPN and DNS services (aka SmartDNS). Basically, they trick the websites that broadcast the games to see you in a “allowed” location. I’m not going into tech details on how these services work as it not the point of this article. All you need to know is that they do the job.

If you were to choose between VPN and SmartDNS, go for SmartDNS. The speed that you regularly get on your Internet connection is the speed you get with a DNS service while you access a streaming site.

There are plenty of free VPN services and some free DNS, but my advice is to go for paid ones. They are not expensive (usually less than $12 for a month) and provide reliable service. Plus there is always someone from the support team to help you in case you encounter problems.

I have compiled below a list of VPN and DNS services that you may use to access the World Cup streaming sites from all over the World.

Name Service Type Unblocks Price
HideMyAss VPN Most of the sites $11.52/month
ibVPN VPN and SmartDNS BBC, ITV, Sportsnet, YLE, TF1, NOS, TVR Plus, SVT, SRF Sport, ZDF, ARD $7.95/month
PureVPN VPN BBC, ITV, Sportsnet, BNT, Ceska Televizie, DR TV, TF1, ZDF, ARD, MTV, NOS, NRK, TVR Plus, SVT, SRF Sport $9.95/month
Unblock-Us SmartDNS BBC, ITV $4.99/month

All these services provide easy to install apps (for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) in order to be able to quickly be able to access the streaming sites. ibVPN even offers 6-hour trial to test their service.


I am sure that the 2014 World Cup will be a very tight competition and that we will see a lot of interesting matches. As presented in this article, there are several options to watch them on TV and online, even if certain streaming sites are restricted. Enjoy the tournament and may the best team win!

P.S. If you know other channels that stream the World Cup matches online feel free to add them in the comments below.

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