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What is TOR and How to Use It? [INFOGRAFIC]

Have you heard about TOR but you don’t quite understand what is it? The following infografic explains how TOR works, why you should use it and how to get started.

Important facts from the infografic:

  • Tor prevents online tracking. Your traffic passes at least 3 servers before reaching the destination. The route is changing every 10 minutes.
  • Data is encrypted in the Tor network.
  • Data is protected from hackers.
  • Tor can circumvent firewalls.
  • Tor comes with a free, pre-configured browser.

Important note! Tor network and Tor site are under constant surveillance from NSA and other intelligence agencies, as reported several times in the news. As of December 2014, NSA documents show little success in breaking Tor, but it is reasonable to believe that they will continue to try. You should be aware of this when using Tor!


[Source: WhoIsHostingThis.com]

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